Have you asked yourself any of these questions lately?

New FaviconWhat am I supposed to write in my profile?

New FaviconHow do I get back out there after a long relationship?

New FaviconWhen is it my turn to have the relationship I deserve?

A Little Nudge is not just any dating service. It is a team of online dating experts who help you to make sure you're putting your best foot forward and taking full advantage of everything online dating has to offer.  

Services include:


Writing a unique profile to get you noticed.



Choosing the best photos for you to shine.



Crafting engaging emails that get responses.


Planning dates for you so you don't have to.


Identifying strategies to be the best dater you can be.


In Love at First Site, dating coach Erika Ettin has taken her expertise—previously only available to her clients—and laid it out in an easy-to-use and exciting guide to the world of online dating. Erika shows her readers how to increase their odds for connections by marketing themselves well. Her background in economics helps her use the numbers game in her favor. It’s a simple equation: more profile views equal more dates, more dates equal a better chance at  finding your match. With her tips and tricks, Erika can show you exactly how to increase your online dating odds. 

Erika’s advice includes pointers for choosing your best profile picture, writing a winning profile, crafting emails that catch someone’s attention, and planning the first date. Erika’s knowledge is rooted in her highly successful coaching business as well as her own experience with online dating. Questions from Erika’s clients will save you the time of wondering how to approach strange situations—they’re all in here! And tales of dating adventures from Erika herself will leave you both encouraged and entertained.

You may not know it but you really give me a big boost of confidence going through all of this process again.

- Padmini, 39, Mauritius

I’ve been meaning to send you an email to say hi and share the news that I’m engaged to a girl I met on using the profile you helped me write of course!
- Jeff, 32, Ellicott City, MD

I am off the market. I met a nice 60 yr old Jewish woman. It feels right. Actually a great fit. We are already headed to FL this Feb and to Greece on a luxury cruise, a lifelong dream. Amazing. We are connecting very well. A miracle; maybe, that only time will tell. I think it's only right that since you were so helpful and encouraging to me that I include you in the results. I feel you are the most professional young lady in your specialized field that I know.
- Robert, 67, Rockville, MD

I used A Little Nudge as an introduction to online dating; kinda like a primer. I learned a ton! Erika offers skill and talent that's so individualized. Just as most of us buy greeting cards to say what we want, we also need someone to present us in a way that really gets down to who we are, who we're looking for, and what relationship we're after. Erika's abilities, including intuition, gives us this very detailed, personalized identity. Her coaching strongly nudges us to action; and helps us sustain the plan for as long as we commit. In the end, it's up to us to work the system. Her pricing is fair for a service that delivers... and the rest is up to us and the dating demographics. I'll continue to recommend her over and over.
- Paula, 61, San Francisco, CA

You have a way of saying exactly what I am thinking but never can get the words composed in an email.
- D.R., 58, Bridgeport, WV

Thank you so very much for sending over my new profile. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You wrote exactly as I would have and I really got a kick out of reading about myself. It made me laugh inside and out loud (almost) here in the conference room with my team. I really loved everything about it, especially the bullets, the overall sense of humor that you instilled into the content. It's just so awesome end-to-end and confirms why I want to move up to the premium package!!
- Dominic, 34, Santa Monica, CA

I showed my profile to my best friend, and she said she loved it after the first paragraph. But I wanted to share this from another friend (a former college English teacher), who has known me for a few years and I emailed a screenshot of my profile to her: "By the way, I love your profile. It absolutely captures you and reveals a great deal about you in a short space." Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Michele, 46, Clearwater, FL

I tried the Platinum Nudge and Erika made me feel like a VIP. She took care of everything -- from finding suitable matches to setting up dates and making reservations. I essentially got a whole new social life, with very little time or effort on my end. At the same time, she clearly arranged everything to suit my particular personality and interests. The whole experience was a pleasure and I highly recommend it.
- Michael, 32, Washington, D.C.

So, check this out. A woman emails me and gets right to the point that she wants to go out for coffee. She seemed very nice, but the problem was that her photo was such that I couldn’t really tell what she looked like. Finally, I decide to just roll with your advice, meet her in person, and evaluate things face to face. She rolls into Starbucks right on time. My jaw hits the floor. Oh….my…..god…absolutely drop dead gorgeous! I was just stunned. Instant chemistry, two hour coffee, second date lined up. The entire time I’m thinking, this can’t be happening. If Erika were here, she’d be laughing hysterically with her “I told you so.” Too funny.
- Lance, 53, Silver Spring, MD

I just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you for all your help. Knowing it was going to be hard this time around to get back out there after my last relationship, I’m glad that my searching the internet looking for help led me to your website. You have been a huge help getting my life moving forward again.
- C.W., 37, Alexandria, VA

Thanks so much for your work on this. It really helped me to figure out how to structure my profile - what to highlight and how to provide enough info that someone feels they know enough to want to know more. It's already generating more interest than I would have expected. In fact, I already have invites for 2 coffee dates!
- Heather, 44, Washington, D.C.

Also, want you to know that when I went out with [the guy], he told me that he is very picky with who he chooses to go out with, and he really loved my profile - he was so impressed with what I wrote (ha ha ha he should only know!) :) and from it could see the type of person I am and what I value. It's so important to have a profile that stands out from the rest (along with an original/creative/funny name - people definitely respond to it!). Honestly, I don't think he (or the others) would have been interested in me had I not had such a great profile. And like I said before - I am getting a lot of interest - I wrote to about 10 guys (a couple wrote to me too) and only 2 have not written back!
- M.C., 33, Philadelphia, PA

I worked with Erika on the Platinum Package, and to say that it was a successful experience would be an understatement. Not only did she find places in Des Moines for dates that I didn’t even know existed, but she hand-picked my current girlfriend from and said, “She’s the one for you.” Almost a year later, it turns out she was right. Holly and I are going on a trip to Italy and Spain this week, and my kids seem to want to spend more time with her than they do with me! I can’t recommend this service highly enough.
She said yes! She's amazing! She's incredible! I would have never asked her out without you. Thank you! Thank you!
- Scott, 37, Ames, IA

I am still with [my girlfriend]. It has been 10 months now. I am extremely happy. You did a great job of getting me to my last first date!
- Jason, 38, Alexandria, VA

You should run a clinic on how to write quick funny emails. I would certainly go to it.
- Charles, 36, Alexandria, VA