Good Afternoon Erika!! I have been meaning to email you and tell you that I got MARRIED last year!! I met a wonderful man named Xavier and we got married last August! We have been married for a year now and we are very happy!  Thank you for all your helpful advice!
- Ericka, 47, Richmond, VA

Erika, thought I'd send you a follow up. I met someone in December. We've been dating exclusively since last January -- over a year. I took down my profile last February. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful experience. Just meeting you was fun enough but to date a number of wonderful men and then meet perhaps "the one" (as they say) exceeded my expectations. I think you worked magic because, as you know, I hadn't been on a date in over 30 years. My greatest hesitation in being on Match was the photo piece and yet, that is the one thing that nearly every guy mentioned as what attracted him. I am totally convinced that your knowledge of what "look" attracts men was completely the key. You were worth every penny and more and I couldn't recommend you highly enough. There are many wonderful men out there, even in my age group, and women should not give up hope. The man I am seeing is absolutely wonderful, and I have never been treated better in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Nina, 60, Washington, DC

Hi Erika - we worked together almost 5 years ago and I thought of you last week as one person I must thank for encouraging me to get on Match and helping with my profile and pics - I just got engaged to the second person I met on Match after 4.5 years together. So thrilled and cannot thank you enough!
- Emma, 45, Scottsdale, AZ

Things are going great. The profile has been working really well, definitely have noticed a difference. The quality of dates has dramatically increased along with response rates. Thanks again for the time and the creativity putting that together!
- Derek, 31, New York, NY

You have a way of saying exactly what I am thinking but never can get the words composed in an email.
- D.R., 58, Bridgeport, WV

I am off the market. I met a nice 60 yr old Jewish woman. It feels right. Actually a great fit. We are already headed to FL this Feb and to Greece on a luxury cruise, a lifelong dream. Amazing. We are connecting very well. A miracle; maybe, that only time will tell. I think it's only right that since you were so helpful and encouraging to me that I include you in the results. I feel you are the most professional young lady in your specialized field that I know.
- Robert, 67, Rockville, MD

You should run a clinic on how to write quick funny emails. I would certainly go to it.
- Charles, 36, Alexandria, VA

I used A Little Nudge as an introduction to online dating; kinda like a primer. I learned a ton! Erika offers skill and talent that's so individualized. Just as most of us buy greeting cards to say what we want, we also need someone to present us in a way that really gets down to who we are, who we're looking for, and what relationship we're after. Erika's abilities, including intuition, gives us this very detailed, personalized identity. Her coaching strongly nudges us to action; and helps us sustain the plan for as long as we commit. In the end, it's up to us to work the system. Her pricing is fair for a service that delivers... and the rest is up to us and the dating demographics. I'll continue to recommend her over and over.
- Paula, 61, San Francisco, CA

I'm still one of your success stories. [He] and I celebrated our six month anniversary and  just got back from a 10 day trip to the Caribbean. Thanks to you we are one happy couple!! 
- Sally, 71, Chesapeake, MD

Used the Bumble paragraph and new pics... within less than 12 hours, already had 2 matches! That is a 200% increase over my previous record (which is kinda sad on my part). With that said, I'm really interested to see what happens when you start managing actual sites and not the "swipe right" types.
- PJ, 29, Arlington, VA

Just a quick note to say hello. Hope all is well with you. Wanted to let you know I got engaged to [the woman I told you about] whom I met on Match and thanks, in part, to your help in crafting my profile. We are planning on getting married this year.
- Lloyd, 52, Las Vegas, NV

Erika is a fantastically positive influence to let into your life! She has guided my son in two short weeks to a new self-image. I’m amazed at her insight and communication skills and there is no indication that the magic won’t continue. Erika is much more than a dating coach, as I’ve witnessed her results.
- Andrea, 60, Rockville, MD

Thank you. I love the profile and the way you transformed raw information into the gem it is now.
- Matt, 35, Rockville, MD

ERIKA! This is so good!! I love it, you hit a homerun here. I really feel you captured my personality and expressed so many things people wouldn't usually "get" unless they had met/knew me somehow. There is definitely some genius behind your technique... WOW, Erika - it's only been 12 hours since I sent out those emails and we're already at 40% for responses. PLUS emails from other random people we didn't contact. You're gooooooood!
- Rob, 34, Philadelphia, PA

I kept up with OkCupid with the edits you helped me make. I recently met a very nice guy who is actually perfect and exactly what I've always been looking for, and we decided to be exclusive within just a couple of dates. So thanks for all your help!
- Sonia, 33, Washington, DC

I've got to tell you... I'm having an amazing experience so far.  I know I'm just getting started and I'm sure they'll be ups and downs along the way.  But thanks to you I've got the right attitude and I'm treating this experience like an adventure. I also really want to thank you for from the bottom of my heart. I'm 100% positive that this level of success (already) would not have been possible without your wisdom and guidance.  The priceless information, photos, profile copy, emails, and most of all the CONFIDENCE you've provided me with our talks are all so amazing and appreciated.  It's really working!!  🙂
- Mike, 43, Orlando, FL

When people love what they do, it's because they are very good at what they do.  This describes Erika Ettin.  Erika's keen insights help two people see commonalities that can make them one couple.
- Michael, 60, Alexandria, VA

Just wanted to thank you again for being the "nudge" I needed to get onto Match and for helping me create a successful profile. Much to my surprise, I've been dating one of the first guys who responded for about 8 weeks now and have never been so happy/had so much fun. We're headed to NYC for a long weekend together next weekend 😉 Anyway, so, so glad you and I connected and I can't thank you enough!!
- Emma, 40, Bethesda, MD

[We] are getting ready for our wedding.  We are also in the process of adding a huge addition to his house, so we can fit all the kids once we are married.  Needless to say life is crazy right now.  Big hug to you.  I am getting married because of you!
- M.B., 39, Herndon, VA

So far, so good! I met someone a few months ago and things have been working out well so far. She has her Masters in Physics and is a lead code developer for a software development company. She's almost as obsessed with cats as I am and she's into things like board games and hiking. So I would say the profile has certainly helped match me with someone who shares a lot of common interests!
- Doug, 34, Fairfax, VA

It’s just that the greatest gift for Christmas is the gift of relationships. If a person doesn’t have a significant other, then the greatest gift that person can receive is to receive the Little Nudge Package gift (Package 3 is the best) from the new voice of online dating, EE. That’s what makes life worth living… a great relationship with that special significant other of your dreams. Erika, you definitely make a difference to nudge someone in the right direction. Nothing is better.
- Jim, 52, Altoona, PA

I just wanted to write you to say thank you so much for all the help you have given me so far with my JDate profile. The profile is doing well! In all my years of online dating, never have I had women initiate contact with me. In fact, last night I had my first successful JDate (or at least I thought it was successful). 🙂 Thank you so much for making this process stress free, fun, and exciting! You're the best!
- Mark, 33, Arlington, VA

Erika is an amazing person, and her energy and perseverance are inspirational. Not only is she fantastic at helping one navigate through the process of on-line dating, but also she is a role model for us all. She makes things happen!
- Gloria, 66, Reston, VA

Just when I was about to sign off [of online dating], she emailed me... I thought of you today mainly because I just bought an engagement ring. It arrives at the end of July. Popping the question in August sometime. I want to thank you for helping get used to dating (not just online).
- T.H., 31, Arlington, VA

This is so much more fun than last time when I did it by myself! 🙂
- Sharon, 55, New York, NY

Hello there! I wanted to pass on to you that I just passed the 9 month mark with one of the guys I met on Match. We had gone out a few times the previous fall and then he came back into the pictures again last summer and it is going REALLY great. I have been putting off telling you because I don't want to jinx it! But I did want to say thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to put myself seriously out there in the dating world. I am in love with the results!
- H.W., 33, Reston, VA

Loved the profile – absolutely brilliant – smiled the whole time I was reading it... and I love the user name – so me!
- Olga, 31, Sydney, Australia

Just got home and sat down to read. I am literally stunned at how you worked in all the wacky stuff I'd randomly said and turned it into this. Consider me impressed! On a related front, a few days after I took pieces of the profile you wrote over to my eHarmony page last Sunday, one of the women there I had tried to talk to a few weeks ago out of the blue started responding again early this morning. Things are definitely looking up.
- Barry, 45, Lubbock, TX

I worked with Erika on the Platinum Package, and to say that it was a successful experience would be an understatement. Not only did she find places in Des Moines for dates that I didn’t even know existed, but she hand-picked my current girlfriend from and said, “She’s the one for you.” Almost a year later, it turns out she was right. Holly and I are going on a trip to Italy and Spain this week, and my kids seem to want to spend more time with her than they do with me! I can’t recommend this service highly enough.
She said yes! She's amazing! She's incredible! I would have never asked her out without you. Thank you! Thank you!
- Scott, 37, Ames, IA

I just got such a kick out of his response (below) to an email you wrote for me. I knew you would love this and had to share!
- Kristen, 31, Philadelphia, PA

Hey Kristen,

Your email is one of the best ones I've received here. It...
1) is short, but appropriately short;
2) is flattering ("nice work here"). And who can resist responding to flattery? ;))) I couldn't.
3) shows that you've read my profile;
4) includes some humor (no, it won't be Pig Latin. Although I've studied latin for a year);
5) is grammatically flawless.


Given that not only your email but also your profile is flawless, I do need to ask: what do you do for living? Some kind of consulting? Also what brought you from the West Coast to Philly?


That was quick, fun and productive. As I'd hoped, your approach IS 'transatlantic.' I knew I needed stretching and reining-in at times - sometimes simultaneously! Now for the next stage of my journey. Thanks again for your help with the navigation and documentation!
- Gordon, 62, United Kingdom

Wow, what an excellent profile. Very well-written, but also very approachable. Brava! One thing I find particularly impressive is that it really sounds like me. The self-deprecating line you added about my hair is the kind of thing I often say at the store. When I buy a bunch of heavy stuff, they will say "do you need help with that?" I will often reply "No, thank you. I'm stronger than I look" and then pause and add with a smile "but not *that* much stronger." I am glad you also captured my general geekiness -- hopefully easier to see in my emails than in person, but they are both part of "the magic that is me", as Frasier Crane would say. 🙂
- Tony, 45, Alexandria, VA

You are so good at painting a picture with words!
- Jodi, 55, Arlington, VA

Thank you so very much for sending over my new profile. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You wrote exactly as I would have and I really got a kick out of reading about myself. It made me laugh inside and out loud (almost) here in the conference room with my team. I really loved everything about it, especially the bullets, the overall sense of humor that you instilled into the content. It's just so awesome end-to-end and confirms why I want to move up to the premium package!!
- Dominic, 34, Santa Monica, CA

Wow!!!!! You did an amazing job with the profile and other information. I love how you write the way I talk. Thank goodness I was not writing I tend to sound formal and stiff when I write! I do not know how you could make this any better. I am so impressed with you! Thank you ... thank you!
- Sue, 55, Mount Airy, MD

OMG!!!!! Did you read my mind? Damn, you are good. It's scary. You have me down to "T" -- wit and all. I could not have said it any better. 🙂 You are truly a mensch (is that the proper Yiddish term?). I'm so excited about the write up. You are making this a "fun" experience.
- Michael, 41, Alexandria, VA

I know you have seen that email from Steph. WOW is she cute. Do you know that I've emailed her in the past when I had an old profile on Match and she never responded? What magical email powers you have! ... You are amazing, Erika. I have never averaged a date every other weekend. Pretty soon it is a date every weekend. Words cannot express what a positive thing this is doing for my life...meeting great women on dates. No other dating service or structured activity had me meet as many women in such short period of time. I am a better person because of this. I owe it all to you. You are more than just a special person. You are an AWESOME HUMAN BEING. That's why your are truly the new voice of online dating. A voice who cares and brings results! I'm a better person because of you! My heart is smiling. 🙂
- J.R., 52, Altoona, PA

I wanted to let you know that we had a 50% response rate on the emails. You must have some kind of magic in selecting people to email or there is something that works in your emails... and you actually got me to send out the emails rather than think about it and plan for a month.
- M.S., 46, Arlington, VA

You may not know it but you really give me a big boost of confidence going through all of this process again.
- Padmini, 39, Mauritius

After having survived a tough breakup associated with a 7-year relationship, I figured I’d give A Little Nudge a try. Doubt begins to define how I felt right after I signed up for the Platinum services at A Little Nudge. While I had my hesitation in the initial stage of the process, I am happy to say I am now dating a woman A Little Nudge discovered for me. A Little Nudge assisted with sending me on dates and those dates helped to significantly boost my self-confidence. Needless to say, I am impressed with the professional and courteous approach to online dating that A Little Nudge offers. I am confident to say I would not have discovered this relationship without your great ability to maneuver the online dating scene. Furthermore, trying to discover women who are interested in a relationship is difficult enough. You were there as counsel along the way on the dates you set up through the online dating sites. I know firsthand that navigating those sites without you can be a really deflating experience. Nonetheless, I would urge anyone seeking to find dates via the online dating scene that A Little Nudge is the place to begin. Again, thank you for all of your help.
- Jeff, 36, Washington, D.C.

After a horrible experience with online dating a few years ago, I never thought I would ever consider it again. I had a seriously bad attitude. But with your incredible insight, advice, and enthusiasm, you showed me how it could be fun and actually worthwhile. You are “The Dating Whisperer!”
- B.P., 44, Cleveland, OH

I’ve been meaning to send you an email to say hi and share the news that I’m engaged to a girl I met on using the profile you helped me write of course!
- Jeff, 32, Ellicott City, MD

Wow! Enjoy it? I LOVE it. That was very well written... You made my profile sound so lighthearted and inviting. Couldn't have done that in a million years myself. I'm a happy camper! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Patrick, 49, Santa Ana, CA

Thanks again for the great profile! Friends have said that you did an amazing job of capturing my personality! Plus, even though it's only been up for a few days, the positive response has been dramatic!
- Megan, 28, Victoria, British Columbia

I showed my profile to my best friend, and she said she loved it after the first paragraph. But I wanted to share this from another friend (a former college English teacher), who has known me for a few years and I emailed a screenshot of my profile to her: "By the way, I love your profile. It absolutely captures you and reveals a great deal about you in a short space." Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Michele, 46, Clearwater, FL

Things are really going well with [him]. We've decided to date exclusively and see where things go. I want to thank you for your awesome profile writing. My profile is what he said caught his attention. He said it was well written and he could see what I was like and what I liked. Update: We are going strong and it's been 17 months! We spent New Year's together and it was really great. Thanks again for your awesome profile writing!
- Linda, 39, Rockville, MD

Also, want you to know that when I went out with [the guy], he told me that he is very picky with who he chooses to go out with, and he really loved my profile - he was so impressed with what I wrote (ha ha ha he should only know!) 🙂 and from it could see the type of person I am and what I value. It's so important to have a profile that stands out from the rest (along with an original/creative/funny name - people definitely respond to it!). Honestly, I don't think he (or the others) would have been interested in me had I not had such a great profile. And like I said before - I am getting a lot of interest - I wrote to about 10 guys (a couple wrote to me too) and only 2 have not written back!
- M.C., 33, Philadelphia, PA

I moved to Boston last summer, met a girl 10 days in, and we're now engaged. Met on Match! So definitely owe you a lot of thanks. 🙂 She loved my profile, so thanks in no small part to you!
- Patrick, 39, Boston, MA

I love the profile. You did a great job capturing the elements of my personality and the profile sounds fun. Thanks for all your work. You have made the whole process easy and fun.
- Ann, 59, Arlington, VA

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you are doing for me - the diversity of the dates, helping me to stay open, all of it! You are really amazing at this! Please use me as a reference for any new clients that need convincing!
- Carolyn, 34, North Bethesda, MD

Thanks so much for your work on this. It really helped me to figure out how to structure my profile - what to highlight and how to provide enough info that someone feels they know enough to want to know more. It's already generating more interest than I would have expected. In fact, I already have invites for 2 coffee dates!
- Heather, 44, Washington, D.C.

You are an absolute delight, and your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm so grateful that you're here to help me through this process.
- Linda, 63, Washington, D.C.

It took me a little while but I finally put my new profile up on Match. It has been great so far! I only put it up on Sunday, but have gotten some really nice compliments and am talking to several people, and a bunch of people have looked at it. I will have to forward you the nice things some people said about my profile. I'll keep you posted, but I also wanted to update you and also to say thank you very much!
- Melissa, 39, Rockville, MD

Thank you so, so much, this totally made my day! I am so happy that you enjoyed writing it and I sincerely appreciate your effort in doing so! I love it, and loved how everything we talked about from dancing to watching TV was illustrated in such a fun and dynamic way. I think it is fabulous and I can't wait to post it.... I am so fortunate to have discovered so much more than your help, but also your friendship! I can't thank you enough for all of your support, time, camaraderie, and endless pearls of wisdom! You inspire me, and I thank you so much for all that you do!
- Talia, 25, Los Angeles, CA

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. You took the stress and wonder about how to work with online dating out of the equation and I am really looking forward to getting out there and seeing what is possible for me. Thank you so much for putting your time and talent into helping [people] find a compatible match!
- Tiffany, 36, Silver Spring, MD

I'm impressed with your searching skills. I just spent 40 minutes searching through at least 200 profiles and I couldn't find anyone to even email!!!!! You did a better job finding 5 "email worthy" men than I did after all my time searching. Thanks for saving me time and emotional energy!
- L.F., 43, Bethesda, MD

I just wanted to send a quick note saying thank you for all your help. Knowing it was going to be hard this time around to get back out there after my last relationship, I’m glad that my searching the internet looking for help led me to your website. You have been a huge help getting my life moving forward again.
- C.W., 37, Alexandria, VA

I tried the Platinum Nudge and Erika made me feel like a VIP. She took care of everything -- from finding suitable matches to setting up dates and making reservations. I essentially got a whole new social life, with very little time or effort on my end. At the same time, she clearly arranged everything to suit my particular personality and interests. The whole experience was a pleasure and I highly recommend it.
- Michael, 32, Washington, D.C.

Wow, you did an amazing job and totally exceeded my expectations! You really do a terrific job, and I can see why you are so booked.
- Beverly, 36, Arlington, VA

This profile looks great - made me want to meet me. 😉
- P.R., 38, Alexandria, VA

I feel like the biggest problem has been my failure to commit to online dating in the first place, and talking to you gave me the confidence that I think that I had been lacking and been avoiding in order to go forward.
- Nathaniel, 31, Arlington, VA

Erika, this is fantastic! It's great to get your perspectives -- I never would have been able to appraise those photos -- and I like the natural, conversational voice of the profile.
- Jeremy, 42, Reston, VA

Erika -- I loved what you wrote. I was afraid you would make me into something that I'm not but you NAILED IT! I don't want to change a single word of it. Thank you so much for writing it in such a breezy, natural way... I would have never made it this far without stumbling on your website and contacting you. You have given me so much support and wisdom and advice. I've struggled so much with this and you have helped. This whole process has been great and I have enjoyed working with you very much.
- Valerie, 53, Springfield, VA

I'm glad you sent me this message at this time. I had it in mind to give up my search. But as always, your message was inspiring... I'm very happy with the work you've done. The quality of men who respond to my [messages] has improved 200%.
- Robyn, 55, Arlington, VA

Erika has a keen eye when it comes to what catches people's attention in an online profile and pictures. And she is always so excited to work with you. She genuinely wants everyone to find happiness.
- Michael, 28, Washington, D.C.

I really appreciate your help. I don't think I would be doing this if you weren't helping me.
- Ashley, 37, Charlottesville, VA

So, check this out. A woman emails me and gets right to the point that she wants to go out for coffee. She seemed very nice, but the problem was that her photo was such that I couldn’t really tell what she looked like. Finally, I decide to just roll with your advice, meet her in person, and evaluate things face to face. She rolls into Starbucks right on time. My jaw hits the floor. Oh….my…..god…absolutely drop dead gorgeous! I was just stunned. Instant chemistry, two hour coffee, second date lined up. The entire time I’m thinking, this can’t be happening. If Erika were here, she’d be laughing hysterically with her “I told you so.” Too funny.
- Lance, 53, Silver Spring, MD

Erika is super enthusiastic and fun to work with! She knows every angle of several dating websites and made recommendations based on how guys would see my profile. Erika not only helped me with my profile, but also provided date recommendations in DC. Can't wait to see who I meet with my new and improved profile!
- Andrea, 29, Washington, D.C.

Great list of matches this week again! You've been on fire the past two weeks 🙂
- Sean, 32, Philadelphia, PA

Erika - Thank you! I really like what you've written... You do a great job of highlighting what I think makes me special.
- Sarah, 36, Washington, D.C.

Erika met with a friend of mine for an hour and put together the most awesome profile statement. I was super impressed. My friend and I agreed it described her to the "T" and she wouldn't have been able to put it together herself.
- Monica, 32, Arlington, VA

I absolutely love the profile read…it’s pitch-perfect, I won’t change a word and will upload the verbiage later tonight. Thanks so much for your time and expertise on this…it reads fun & casual, which is what I wanted to get across. You’re good at what you do.
- Rich, 44, Alexandria, VA

Thank you for the revised profile and messages. They have improved the results compared with what I was getting before.
- Adam, 30, Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for all your help with my profile - it's a great read now and it describes myself in a way I couldn't have done on my own (and I'm in marketing!)
- Greg, 34, Arlington, VA

Definitely thank you for all the help.  And the revamp of my profile.  I feel so much more confident with it.  And I was getting nowhere with the one before.  Getting more comfortable on these first dates and so on.
- Erin, 39, Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to let you know that I started dating a new guy on Match back in November, and I’m feeling like he’s a keeper! He’s cute as a button! I am one smitten kitten, and I think the feeling is mutual. Just wanted to share my good news and thank you for helping me get back out there — about this time last year. From taking some decent photos to fashioning my profile — you proved to be my Match catalyst! I so appreciate the expertise and enthusiasm you brought to my “dating table.” Regardless of what happens with Michael, I will be eternally grateful!
- Mary, 62, Baltimore, MD

I am still with [my girlfriend]. It has been 10 months now. I am extremely happy. You did a great job of getting me to my last first date!
- Jason, 38, Alexandria, VA

I admit I was curious and checked out my feed. You are so good at this! I am excited and think this will be so fun. Love how you channel me! Thank you!
- Mary, 45, Washington, DC

Gotta tell you. The profile you created has been working really well. I've had more dates in the past two weeks than in the prior few months. Thanks again!
- Steve, 43, Arlington, VA

My profile was posted yesterday and I've written and received emails...which I know happens when you post an updated profile/picture...but this time around I'm really getting nice guys (fingers crossed/knock on wood/and hope I don't jinx myself). Just wanted to again say thank you - you captured me perfectly.
- M.C., 33, Bala Cynwyd, PA

I am still with the guy I met, thanks to your help. We've been together about a year and a half now, and we are planning a vacation together soon. So I have you to thank for being in a nice relationship!
- Ellen, 63, Bethesda, MD
THANK YOU! I am so excited to put my profile up. I SO appreciate all your help. You make this process so fun! (And I have been dreading this and always found this so painful... but not with you.) Thank you.
- Becky 36, Washington, DC