Founder and CEO of A Little Nudge & Author of Love at First Site
Founder and CEO of A Little Nudge & Author of Love at First Site

Who is Erika Ettin?

As a very early adopter of online dating, starting in 2001, I knew that this then-new way of meeting people seemed extremely promising. Over the years, through online dating, I had countless dates, numerous relationships, and enough stories to last a lifetime.    
Also, given that my background is in Economics and Business (I received a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Georgetown's McDonough School of Business), I decided to start tracking my own online dating results in none other than a spreadsheet.
I honed my profile (shown below) and emails to a point that my response rate, or percentage of men who responded to my initial email, was well over 60%, almost unheard of in the online dating world. (OkCupid even calls a 36% response rate "nicely above average.") I was able to convert about half of those into dates. (This time, 30% is average.)
My philosophy is that if you market yourself well, you'll get more dates. And, the more first dates you go on, the higher the probability that you’ll have a connection with someone, simply by increasing your odds.

Philosophy on Online Dating

In online dating, there are two major obstacles:
1. It's hard to write about yourself, even if you're a great writer.
2. Online dating is very time-consuming.
I don't want either of these obstacles to stop you from using online dating to its full advantage.  That's where I come in...

After working in the finance industry for over seven years, I was ready to take the leap to quit my job and start this business. I have since worked with hundreds of clients who are now navigating the online dating waters confidently. Some are married and engaged, some are in relationships, and some simply have the confidence to know that online dating does work.
It genuinely makes me happy to see others find happiness, so I’d love to help along the way and share my secrets to success at online dating.

 Erika's Former Online Dating Profile!

Erika's Online Dating Profile!

Erika's Online Dating Profile! Click on the image for the full-sized version

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