Date Coaching

Not getting enough matches?  

Feeling overwhelmed by the dating apps?

Unsure of what your next move should be--text, call, or something else?

Having a hard time connecting with the right people?

Finding your motivation lacking, especially now?


It might be time to consider date coaching. Here's how it works:

Identify Your Obstacles

We'll narrow down your questions and identify your obstacles to make sure we can address each one appropriately. This is specifically tailored to your needs.

Plan Your Next Steps

Once we know the hurdles we have to cross, we'll plan how to overcome those barriers and make sure you're on the road to the best dating life you can have.

Create Results

Now is the time to apply all of the advice, see it work in action, and get ongoing feedback, support, and, most importantly, results.

Ideas of what can be done in a coaching session:

- Create a new profile for any of the dating apps.

- Choose your best photos.

- Swipe through apps together as a team.

- Send messages together to ensure the best results.

- Text screenshots of profiles for guidance on messages.

Special for Adulting participants: 30% off all coaching services. 

Our most successful and cost-effective option:

Three months:

All date coaching is conducted personally by Erika Ettin, founder of A Little Nudge, and it occurs over Zoom.