I already have invites for 2 coffee dates!

It really helped me to figure out how to structure my profile – what to highlight and how to provide enough info that someone feels they know enough to want to know more. It’s already generating more interest than I would have expected. In fact, I already have invites for 2 coffee dates!

You are really amazing at this!

I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you are doing for me – the diversity of the dates, helping me to stay open, all of it! You are really amazing at this!

You have made the whole process easy and fun.

I love the profile. You did a great job capturing the elements of my personality and the profile sounds fun. Thanks for all your work. You have made the whole process easy and fun.

We are going strong!

We are going strong and it’s been 17 months! We spent New Year’s together and it was really great. Thanks again for your awesome profile writing!

It absolutely captures you.

I showed my profile to my best friend, and she said she loved it after the first paragraph. But I wanted to share this from another friend (a former college English teacher), who has known me for a few years and I emailed a screenshot of my profile to her: “By the way, I love your profile. It absolutely captures you and reveals a great deal about you in a short space.”

The positive response has been dramatic!

Thanks again for the great profile! Friends have said that you did an amazing job of capturing my personality! Plus, even though it’s only been up for a few days, the positive response has been dramatic!

Enjoy it? I LOVE it.

Wow! Enjoy it? I LOVE it. That was very well written… You made my profile sound so lighthearted and inviting. Couldn’t have done that in a million years myself. I’m a happy camper!

You are “The Dating Whisperer!”

After a horrible experience with online dating a few years ago, I never thought I would ever consider it again. I had a seriously bad attitude. But with your incredible insight, advice, and enthusiasm, you showed me how it could be fun and actually worthwhile. You are “The Dating Whisperer!”

You actually got me to send out the emails.

I wanted to let you know that we had a 50% response rate on the emails. You must have some kind of magic in selecting people to email or there is something that works in your emails… and you actually got me to send out the emails rather than think about it and plan for a month.

My heart is smiling. :)

WOW is she cute. Do you know that I’ve emailed her in the past when I had an old profile on Match and she never responded? What magical email powers you have! I have never averaged a date every other weekend. Pretty soon it is a date every weekend. Words cannot express what a positive thing this is doing for my life…meeting great women on dates. No other dating service or structured activity had me meet as many women in such short period of time. I am a better person because of this. I owe it all to you. My heart is smiling. 🙂

I love how you write the way I talk.

Wow!!!!! You did an amazing job with the profile and other information. I love how you write the way I talk. Thank goodness I was not writing this…as I tend to sound formal and stiff when I write! I do not know how you could make this any better. I am so impressed with you! Thank you … thank you!

It made me laugh inside and out.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You wrote exactly as I would have… It made me laugh inside and out loud (almost) here in the conference room with my team. It’s just so awesome end-to-end and confirms why I want to move up to the premium package!!

It really sounds like me.

One thing I find particularly impressive is that it really sounds like me. The self-deprecating line you added about my hair is the kind of thing I often say at the store. I am glad you also captured my general geekiness — hopefully easier to see in my emails than in person, but they are both part of “the magic that is me”, as Frasier Crane would say. 🙂

Your approach IS ‘transatlantic.’

As I’d hoped, your approach IS ‘transatlantic.’ I knew I needed stretching and reining-in at times – sometimes simultaneously! Thanks again for your help with the navigation and documentation.

Your email is one of the best.

Someone wrote this to me: “Your email is one of the best ones I’ve received here. Given that not only your email but also your profile is flawless, I do need to ask: what do you do for living?”

I am literally stunned.

I am literally stunned at how you worked in all the wacky stuff I’d randomly said and turned it into this. Consider me impressed!

Absolutely brilliant!

Loved the profile – absolutely brilliant – smiled the whole time I was reading it… and I love the user name – so me!

I just bought an engagement ring.

Just when I was about to sign off [of online dating], she emailed me… I thought of you today mainly because I just bought an engagement ring. I want to thank you for helping get used to dating (not just online).

I have never been so happy.

Much to my surprise, I’ve been dating one of the first guys who responded for about 8 weeks now and have never been so happy/had so much fun. We’re headed to NYC for a long weekend together next weekend 😉

You’re gooooooood!

Erika – it’s only been 12 hours since I sent out those emails and we’re already at 40% for responses. PLUS emails from other random people we didn’t contact. You’re gooooooood!

“She’s the one for you.”

I worked with Erika on the Platinum Package, and to say that it was a successful experience would be an understatement. Not only did she find places in Des Moines for dates that I didn’t even know existed, but she hand-picked my current girlfriend from Match.com and said, “She’s the one for you.” It turns out she was right.

All I know is, Erika knows how to get people dates!