If you Google “best time to start a dating profile,” you’ll find no shortage of answers. Some are based on personal experiences and some are based on research or polls, but there is a wide range of answers. My thoughts? There are pros and cons to every season when it comes to dating — and summer is no exception. 

Pro: People are generally happier in the summer.

I know it’s not only me who sometimes struggles with the idea of getting dressed and leaving the house during the coldest months of the year — just bundling up in a winter coat seems like a chore. But when the temperature rises, people want to go out and do things, which includes meeting for dates. Plus, there’s a general sense of ease and excitement brought on by the warm weather, lessened work schedules, and an assortment of activities available.

Con: It’s travel season.

Many people use their vacation time in the summer months — which is great, except for when you’re trying to find a time to meet someone you’ve connected with online. Everyone has a busy schedule, and the warm weather months might make agendas even more packed than usual, even with time off from work. 

Pro: You have more time off.

All those vacation days and summer Fridays might just come in handy. While vacations might make meeting a little tricky sometimes, having a lighter workload — as many do in the summer months — will give your mind the ability to focus a bit more on dating. Even if meeting is difficult, it gives you plenty of time to freshen up your bio, take new photos, and spend some extra time swiping and chatting with potential matches. 

Con: It’s notoriously “fling” season.

The casual nature of summer sometimes spills over into the dating world — there’s a reason “cuffing” season isn’t June through August. Summer flings can be romantic and exciting — but they can also leave you heartbroken when the back-to-school ads take over. The best way to avoid that is to be upfront about your expectations for the relationship, and if that’s a serious one, everyone will be aware off the bat.

Pro: There’s no shortage of date ideas.

While dates are limited in many areas due to weather in the winter months, there are practically no limits to the fun activities you can do in the summer. Meet at a beach bar (or the actual beach, depending on where you live), play a round of mini golf, take the dogs on a walk in the park, spend a date at the amusement park… not to mention all the gatherings with friends and family that are enhanced by a plus-one. And if you want to stay indoors, movies, dinner, and happy hour are still options.

At the end of the day, there is no bad or good time to date based on a calendar — it should be based on you. Are you ready? Do you have the time to explore your dating options? Are you stressed about work or personal matters? Then it may be a good time to take a break from dating apps and give yourself some grace. But if you’re excited to dip your toe into the dating pool (see what I did there?), then go for it. There is no reason to wait until a certain month to find a meaningful relationship.

Is Summer a Good Season for Dating? The Pros and Cons of Warm Weather Wooing

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