“I Can’t” Means “I Can’t” & “I Won’t” Means “I Won’t”

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A client recently reached out to me to ask for advice on a dating situation. (This is not news… it’s my job!) After a “great” first date, the man told my client that he’d be interested in connecting again but noted that he was looking for “something casual” because he was recently divorced. She said that despite looking for a long-term relationship, she thought she was okay with something casual since she liked this guy and had other family-related responsibilities to take care of at the time.

Is Summer a Good Season for Dating? The Pros and Cons of Warm Weather Wooing

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If you Google “best time to start a dating profile,” you’ll find no shortage of answers. Some are based on personal experiences and some are based on research or polls, but there is a wide range of answers. My thoughts? There are pros and cons to every season when it comes to dating — and summer is no exception. 

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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I got this question the other day:

“What’s your advice on getting back into the dating pool after a breakup? Is there a certain amount of time one should wait? Or, is it a case of getting back on the horse right after falling off? My heart was broken recently… and my friends are telling me to get back out there and date. My walls have been built back up again and I don’t know if I can date anyone right now. What would you recommend?”

An Outdated Profile May Make you Lose Out on a Date

An Outdated Profile May Make you Lose Out on a Date

Many years ago, I had a client who was on an online dating site, and someone she was interested in had a really cute picture of himself with a dog. So, when she reached out to him, she said, “What a cute pup! What’s his/her name?” The guy replied and, rather than being flattered that my client reached out, he instead accused her of stalking him: “How did you know I had a dog? Did you look me up? What else do you know about you?” She promptly wrote, “Look at your fourth picture.” End scene. 

Is Paying for an Online Dating Site Worth It? Here’s What the Stats Say

Is Paying for an Online Dating Site Worth It? Here’s What the Stats Say

It’s no secret that people are watching their wallets these days — and for good reason (if you’ve bought eggs or needed to fill your car with gas recently, you’ll know what I’m talking about). So it would make sense that many singles are sticking to free apps and websites when it comes to online dating. However, finding love might be worth investing in a premium service.

What Not to Write in Your Dating Profile: Turning Negative Statements into Positive Outlooks

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As a dating coach, I’ve read a lot of online dating profiles… which also means that I’ve read a lot of bad dating profiles. There are many things that can turn me (and my clients) off to a person’s bio — from bad grammar to lack of photos to rants about politics — but perhaps the worst perpetrator is general negativity.